Voice observes International Privacy Day, demands data protection law

VOICE, a human rights organisation, observed International Privacy Day on 28 January and expressed concerns over the right to privacy and data protection in the emerging digital world dominated by technology.

According to their press release, VOICE conducted a perception study on privacy earlier which revealed that more than 90 percent people would prefer to protect their personal data such as income and resources.

They demanded a well-structured privacy commission in order to secure right to privacy.

VOICE pointed out that technologies are being used in both development and least developed countries to mark people, record their movements ultimately affecting their freedom of expression and right to take part in peaceful assembly. These technologies were often used to target activists, journalists and individuals practising their freedom of expression. .

The concerns about data protection have remained same over the years according to the executive director of VOICE, Ahmed Swapan Mahmud.

Voice also urged to the government to formulate a legal framework to protect privacy rights to promote the practice of democracy at large.

Source: The Business Standers