Rights and Justice Program

Action research and capacity building efforts to protect rights to freedom of expression, privacy and data protection

Major Projects

Strengthening Freedom of Expression Online

[Permanent Project] The Strengthening Freedom of Expression Online project helps to raise critical awareness among different stakeholders and to help organize capacity-building training and multi-stakeholder consultations for the rights to online freedom of expression by all citizens. Both activities address issues of privacy and freedom of expression in digitally connected spaces. Particularly we focus on most vulnerable sections of society to violations of online freedom and privacy; such as marginalized genders, children, and politically disadvantaged communities.  We are also part of global WebWeWant and TakeBackTheTech campaigns.


[Past Project] The Surveillance and Freedom: Global Understanding and Rights Development (SAFEGUARD) is a collaborative research and advocacy project undertaking between Privacy International (PI) and VOICE for capacity building of civil society and other stakeholders in rights to freedom of expression and privacy. The program aims to enhance respect for human rights and the right to privacy in Bangladesh. The project includes research and policy engagement through dialogue, national consultations, capacity building workshops and multistakeholder consultations engaging concerned stakeholders including media, civil society, NGOs, professional bodies, companies, rights groups, and youth.