VOICE, as a research organization, compiles and publishes several documents every year. These range from small pamphlets and info-briefs to detailed book-length documents, research and seminar papers, and annual reports. In addition, VOICE puts out two regular newsletters:

Counter-Hegemony, a bimonthly English-language newsletter with the latest updates on VOICE activities;

Golaghor ("seed house"), a quarterly newsletter on food and seed sovereignty issues in Bangla.

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VOICE participated in the 2008 annual Amar Ekushey Book Fair that ended on February 29th after one month of activity in Dhaka. For the first time, VOICE had a stall in the Fair and displayed about 40 books, reports, posters and publications, most of them written and produced by VOICE. The participation of VOICE in the Book Fair helps the dissemination of the information valued by VOICE, more specifically around the issues of globalization, trade, aid effectiveness, and agriculture. This event and the participation of organisations like VOICE help building awareness among the general public on issues that are otherwise mainly reviewed by people from specific milieus like the NGOs community.

Some publications, such as "Transparency of the International Financial Institutions", "Capitalist Globalization: Corporate Aggression and Food Security", and "Breaking the Cycle of Neo-Liberal Hegemony", deeply engage people, and on the long run will give them the information they need to ensure that their right to information is respected, and empower them sufficiently so that they can take the IFIs accountable for their actions in Bangladesh. VOICE has therefore taken the opportunity of the Book Fair to extend its horizon in reaching more readers that will hopefully help, in the future, to fight against the injustices condemned by VOICE.


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