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Capacity Building workshop on Digital Rights, Safety and Security
Workshop-1: Held on 17 -18 December, 2022 at the Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) Training Center

The right to privacy appears to hold a position that is completely natural within the framework of human rights. This right, which is a subset of the larger right to privacy, must be balanced against other fundamental freedoms like the freedom of expression or the freedom of the press, which are essential to a democratic society. A three-day long capacity building workshop has been held in the city from 17 to 119 December 2022. VOICE, a research and advocacy organization organized this training workshop for the media professionals to build their capacity and to disseminate knowledge on personal data protection to enable media professionals to steer clear of any errors that can result in a data security breach. The event was participated by more than 25 journalists and media professionals from different print and electronic media of the country.

The purpose of this training was to improve the protection of personal data and the security capability of journalists and media workers to deal with risks using modern information technology in order to ensure their personal and professional awareness, dignity and promote the human rights of citizens on a larger scale, the process of democratic practice in the country can be accelerated. The workshop methodology was interactive as the guest speakers ensured that the knowledge was not only disseminated but properly perceived and understood by the participants. To ensure this, the participants discussed and kept the forum open for feedback, questions, and suggestions. These discussions and interactive sessions were supported by training materials such as pre- and post-tests, PowerPoint presentations and data security handouts.

Information technology experts have commented that regulations are crucial to deal with the risks of using modern information technology. According to them, the right to personal information and privacy is recognized by international law and the Constitution of Bangladesh. For this purpose, the proposed Data Protection Act 2022 needs to ensure specific definitions in the Act.

These comments were made by technical experts in a three-day workshop titled as Capacity Building for Media Professional on Privacy and Data Protection organized by Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE) was held at Adabor, Dhaka.

Chairman of the Mass Communication and Journalism Department of Green University, Dr. Mohammad Shafiul Islam, cyber security expert Tanbir Hasan Joha, senior lecturer of BRAC University Saimum Reza, IT expert Ashraful Haque and journalist Ismail Hossain, Project Coordinator Salim Akon spoke in the different sessions of the workshop as resource experts. Project Coordinator Subhatun Nur Prithy, Intern Nayla Afroze, and Finance Manager Shanti Pada Saha facilitated the workshop. Dr. Mohammad Shafiul Islam said there is an inter-connection between human rights and the right to data privacy and added that journalists should practice freedom of speech with responsibility. Cyber security expert Tanvir Hasan Zoha said that privacy is super complicated to be managed and shared insight on digital hygiene and different tools to maintain it properly. He emphasized on how to secure digital devices while using social media handles. Journalists showed their interest to protect the privacy rights and committed to serve as safeguard in their media outlets by reporting and featuring on privacy and data protection.

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