VOICE is a rights-based, activist organization working mainly on the issues of food sovereignty, aid effectiveness, economic justice, and the right to information and communication, both in Bangladesh and on a global scale. By building a broader constituency of alternative voices to the ‘mainstream development discourse’ through research and public education, VOICE is taking a stand against unjust and undemocratic practices.

VOICE works on issues such as the role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs), WTO and TNCs, aid conditions, food sovereignty, media & communication rights, information and communication technologies (ICTs), governance and human rights, policy research and advocacy etc, both at the local and national levels.VOICE has been registered under the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Bangladesh.

VOICE works through a number of strategies to achieve its goals. We strive to:

i. Work primarily for the empowerment of the powerless, disadvantaged and marginalized groups, and facilitate the promotion of the people's governance, of human rights, and of the environment.

ii. Work in partnership with activists and citizen groups like NGOs and CSOs to build their capacity to implementing activities related to their mission and objectives.

iii. Emphasize activities related to policy actions both at the micro and macro levels to promote democratic participation

iv. Act as the watchdog of development on a global level by critically analyzing the role of global powers.

v. Work strategically to rid our society of injustices and inequalities, and examine governance and right-based issues.

vi. Organize cultural and educational activities and publications for both promoting and preserving indigenous knowledge, tradition and heritage.

Our Partnerships

VOICE is associated with various national and international networks to help link the struggle of the local people with international movements. VOICE is a voting member of the World Association for Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)The Association for Progressive Communication (APC)One World South Asiathe NGO Forum on ADBAsia Pacific Research Network (APRN)International Food Security Network (IFSN)Asia Pacific Food Sovereignty Network (APNFS)Alliance for Economic Justice Bangladesh (AEJB), Alliance against World Bank Immunity, The Campaign for Good Governance, and the People’s Alliance Against WTO.

VOICE is also member of the CRIS campaign and works as the Secretariat of Communication Rights in Information Society (CRIS) Bangladesh. VOICE also coordinates a countrywide network, the Right to Food Movement, as a secretariat.

VOICE is also accredited by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the WSIS process and is a founding member of the Bangladesh Working Group on World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

VOICE also collaborates closely with such international advocacy organizations as the Water for the People Network, the Water integrity NetworkPrivacy International, and IFI Watchnet

VOICE continues to build partnerships with North American CSOs as well, welcoming two interns fromAlternatives, an NGO based in Montreal, in 2007. Voice has had two more young interns from Alternatives come to work with them since that time. Read more about the program here.