Mass-Communication and Media

Progressive Communication

We have a full-fledged program for mass-media and media. Though it has been launched as a separate program in 2018, since begging of our journey, we are working to build capacity of local media and journalists in covering inclusive and sustainable development, climate and conservation. We introduced the idea of Community Based Radios in Bangladesh and popularized the Community Radios as an alternative medium of communication that ensure right to information and freedom of expression.

CAPACITY BUILDING: We organize training activities for mainstream and citizen journalists on human rights, justice, climate adaptation, sustainable agriculture, development, nature conservation and gender issues. Most recently, we have trained a large number of coastal local journalists from many media outlets on Ocean Literacy and community storytelling.

DEVELOPING RESOURCES: We develop and disseminate knowledge outputs and training materials for media outlets and journalists. Major knowledge resources that we have disseminated in Bangladesh are related to covering climate issues, agricultural and sustainable development issues, natural resource management, gender mainstreaming, financial literacy and aid effectiveness.