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Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Programme


For the last three years, VOICE has been promoting Youth Leadership Programmes in the Mymensingh area to build critical awareness on seed and food issues, market access, agriculture and trade agreements, the nature of corporate control and farming, and ICT and communication rights among local university and college students. The main objective is to analyze the situation and disseminate information to widen their perspective regarding development through organizing debates, study circle, trainings and workshops in their educational institutions.

The importance of the programme is to generate opinion and critical awareness around these issues, which will also enhance their capacity not only as students but as independent thinkers.

For example, promoting discussion about ICT and communication rights is one of the main agendas of the program. While ICTs are relevant to many facets of youth development, this program has been aimed to develop and execute a variety of ICT initiatives that address serious issues related to increasing access to basic education and employment training. Students learn how a computer works, and how technology can help them achieve dramatic results in their education.