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Privacy Rights Observatory

By farjana - Posted on 29 January 2014

Privacy Rights Observatory_VOICE: Bangladesh

Issue for November-December 2013

Contents for newsletter

1. Computer and documents seized from opposition party office

2. India thinks about high-tech surveillance in indo-Bangla border

3. Conversation of editor of popular Bangla Newspaper leaked

4. Election commission concerns on the wealth statement of Member of Parliaments and Ministers : Conflict of Privacy and Right to Information? 

Liberty at risk: Amending ICT law

By farjana - Posted on 25 September 2013

The aspirations of free peoples are seldom harmful to liberty, because they result either from oppression or from fear that there is going to be oppression.”

– Niccolo Machiavelli, Discourses I.4

cyberON September 20, 2013 the treasury bench placed a bill in parliament purporting to further amend the current law of the land on information and communication technology, namely ‘Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006.’ Not withstanding a good deal of protestations, this in all likelihood is going to be made law. Interestingly, however, this comes close on the heels of an ordinance amending the Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006 Act promulgated by the President of the Republic on August 20, 2013. The unease is legible in your face.


ICT Act Amendment 2013 will affect right to privacy and freedom of expression

By farjana - Posted on 22 September 2013

[Dhaka, 22 September 2013] Speakers told that the ICT Act (amendment) 2013 sharply conflicts with Bangladesh Constitution’s Article 39 and 43 which guarantee freedom of expression and right to privacy respectively. Terming it as a ‘black law’, speakers urged the government not to enact as a law. A press conference titled ‘ICT Act (Amendment) 2013: Challenges for Right to Privacy and Freedom of Expression’ was held by VOICE in the city’s national press club today while it was jointly collaborated with Bangladesh Manobadhikar Shangbadik forum, Campaign on Citizen’s Right to Information, Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum, Blog, Online Knowledge Society, Shushashoner Jonyo Procharabhijan (SUPRO) and School of Communication and Cultural Metaphysics. 

Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, CEO, Boishaki Television, Khairuzzaman Kamal, Executive Director, Bangladesh Manobadhikar Shangbadik Forum, Zakir Hossain, Executive Director of Nagorik Uddog and Convener of Campaign on Citizen Right to Information, Syeda Gulshan Ferdous Jana, Acting Managing Director, Blog and, Farjana Akhter, Programme Coordinator, Voice spoke at the press briefing while Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, Executive Director of Voice moderated the session.

Perception Study on Privacy Rights

By farjana - Posted on 26 September 2011

VOICE conducted a Perception Study on Privacy Rights. Recently the Study has launched in the Meet the Press titled 'WHY PROTECTION OF PRIVACY RIGHTS IS IMPORTANT' held on 24 September 2011 in National Press Club, Dhaka. The media has picked up the findings of the study and got huge coverage. 

The summary of Perception Study on Privacy Rights is attached. 

Other Voice Reports

By voice - Posted on 14 April 2010

For more information on any of these titles or to order a copy, please contact us.


free journalism media and governance

The Freedom of Press Ensures Governance and Democracy



facing the challenges


Other Voice Titles

By voice - Posted on 13 April 2010

For more information on any of these titles or to order a copy, please contact us.


People's Movement for Livelihood

People's Movement for Livelihood (Bangla)



Monga on food, trade and globalization

MONGA: The Art of Politics of Dying (On Food, Trade and Globalization) by Ahmed Swapan Mahmud



Corporate Globalization, Agriculture and trade

Manual: Corporate Globalization, Agriculture and Trade (Bangla)


jiboner golpo

Jiboner Golpo (Bangla)



People's Protocol on Climate Change

By voice - Posted on 05 March 2010

Download the People's Protocol on Climate Change in Bangla here.



By farjana - Posted on 04 February 2010


VOICE will participate in the 2010 Amar Ekushey Book Fair held in Bangla Academy, Dhaka that will continue until February 28th. VOICE participated in the book fair, presenting about 50 items of its publications  including books, reports, newsletters, posters and other publications. VOICE also keeps books and reports from national and international organizations with whom VOICE has been closely working.

The participation of VOICE in the Book Fair helps disseminate information valued by VOICE, more specifically around the issues of globalization, trade, aid effectiveness, ICTs and information rights, climate change, IFIs, food and agriculture and of politics. By participating in the book fair, VOICE is taking the opportunity to build a wider constituency and raise critical awareness among the stakeholders including teachers, students, politicians, researchers, citizen actors, NGOs, activists, researchers etc, around these issues.

VOICE Published a New Report onTransparency And Accountability In Water Supply & Management

By farjana - Posted on 08 August 2009

Despite significant development in Bangladesh's water sector during last decade it has not been possible to  achieve universal access to safe water. Water supply services in many of the cities, towns and smaller municipalities in Bangladesh tend to be detrimentally effected by dysfunctional utility and water departments. Inadequate tariff structures, corruption, poor cost recovery, unaccountability, intermittent services, and deteriorating water quality all represent major barriers to providing citizens with clean drinking water. This evidence suggests that this resource crisis is not simply based in water scarcity, but rather in a lack of good governance. That is to say that today millions suffer for lack of leadership and transparency, not for lack of water resources.