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In the spotlight : Thesis paper by Farhana Akter

By farjana - Posted on 13 October 2017



Farhana Akter, Programme Co-ordinator of VOICE successfully completed "Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies" with distinction from SungKongHoe University, South Korea.  


As part of her Master’s thesis, she performed a comprehensive analysis on communication surveillance in Bangladesh which received the best thesis award. 


In this dissertation, which goes through an extensive list of reference materials, Farhana outlines the several facets of communication surveillance ranging from local to national and global level. Her work reveals how surveillance has become a key site for understanding the workings of power within the global informational economy. Truely, surveillance is no longer merely a matter of deliberate, individual scrutiny and consequent fears for personal privacy. It has become an everyday experience, run by myriad agencies for multiple purposes and exempting no one. 


Furthermore, every state has the obligation to respect, protect and fulfil human rights – Farhana argues, and privacy is one of those rights. This thesis elaborates on the links among privacy, human rights and global surveillance and reviews critical challenges. 


ICT Act Amendment 2013 will affect right to privacy and freedom of expression

By farjana - Posted on 22 September 2013

[Dhaka, 22 September 2013] Speakers told that the ICT Act (amendment) 2013 sharply conflicts with Bangladesh Constitution’s Article 39 and 43 which guarantee freedom of expression and right to privacy respectively. Terming it as a ‘black law’, speakers urged the government not to enact as a law. A press conference titled ‘ICT Act (Amendment) 2013: Challenges for Right to Privacy and Freedom of Expression’ was held by VOICE in the city’s national press club today while it was jointly collaborated with Bangladesh Manobadhikar Shangbadik forum, Campaign on Citizen’s Right to Information, Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum, Blog, Online Knowledge Society, Shushashoner Jonyo Procharabhijan (SUPRO) and School of Communication and Cultural Metaphysics. 

Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, CEO, Boishaki Television, Khairuzzaman Kamal, Executive Director, Bangladesh Manobadhikar Shangbadik Forum, Zakir Hossain, Executive Director of Nagorik Uddog and Convener of Campaign on Citizen Right to Information, Syeda Gulshan Ferdous Jana, Acting Managing Director, Blog and, Farjana Akhter, Programme Coordinator, Voice spoke at the press briefing while Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, Executive Director of Voice moderated the session.

VOICE is now on Youtube and Facebook!

By voice - Posted on 13 September 2009

Voice now has its very own Youtube page where the videos and documentaries described here are viewable by the general public. We invite you to take a look, and leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

Visit the VOICEBD YOUTUBE Page -->

See our new documentary, Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability (In collaboration with the Water Integrity Network).

See our Reflect Circle Video on Youtube: (part 1) ; (part 2)

See our Perspectives on Aid Video on Youtube:

Read more details about our videos on our Audio/Video page.


Alternative ICT trainers find their VOICE in Dhaka

By Ahmed Swapan Mahmud for APCNews

DHAKA, Bangladesh, Mar 26, 2008

A two-day training was held by APC-member VOICE on March 18th and 19th in Dhaka on information and communication technologies, where 9 people from VOICE and other organisations participated. The objectives were to give the participants a basic theoretical overview of the main types of online media and online communication such as blogs and digital photography, and to demonstrate and practice the creation, editing, optimisation and transferral of these media for the web.

The outcomes of the training were positive as the trainees were able to have a hands-on practice on different computers and thus achieved the following tasks: to edit and resize a picture, and transfer it to the web; to create and format a document for web use; to create and edit a blog post with images and hyperlinks; and to effectively use a search engine like Google.

Two VOICE ICT interns from APC-member Alternatives, Parker Mah and Aude Leroux-Lévesque, were the trainers for this session. VOICE will perpetuate the facilitating of such trainings and will also extend them to a broader audience.

Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Programme


For the last three years, VOICE has been promoting Youth Leadership Programmes in the Mymensingh area to build critical awareness on seed and food issues, market access, agriculture and trade agreements, the nature of corporate control and farming, and ICT and communication rights among local university and college students. The main objective is to analyze the situation and disseminate information to widen their perspective regarding development through organizing debates, study circle, trainings and workshops in their educational institutions.

The importance of the programme is to generate opinion and critical awareness around these issues, which will also enhance their capacity not only as students but as independent thinkers.

For example, promoting discussion about ICT and communication rights is one of the main agendas of the program. While ICTs are relevant to many facets of youth development, this program has been aimed to develop and execute a variety of ICT initiatives that address serious issues related to increasing access to basic education and employment training. Students learn how a computer works, and how technology can help them achieve dramatic results in their education.


Are you...

-Interested in Globalization issues affecting Bangladesh?

-Looking for work experience in the field of Alternative Development?

-A motivated, independant activist?

If so, then consider applying for an internship at VOICE. We are currently searching for new research and ICT interns to join our organization as team members. Contact us for more information.

VOICE is actively promoting youth leadership and intercultural exchange, and offers internship opportunities to motivated youth at both the local and international level.

International Internships

Debate held in Mymensingh: Not in Farmers' Interest: Hybrids serves the Interest of MNCs

By voice - Posted on 19 March 2006

Voice, a research and advocacy organization organized a debate titled `Not for Farmers’ Interest, Hybrid serves the Interest of MNCs’ held in Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam College auditorium, Mymensingh on 19 March 2006. Dr. Marufi Khan, principal of the college moderated the function while she said the importance of the necessity of organizing debate over the issue of seed and agriculture which help the students to raise their critical awareness which also contribute to their academic performance. Dr. Khan also highlights how the agriculture sector is being dependent on the multinational companies and ultimately brings sorrows for the farmers and common people. She said the biodiversity, the environment and livelihood of the farmers are being facing enormous threats due the aggressive role of the multinational companies.