VOICE is a rights-based, activist organization working mainly on the issues of food sovereignty, aid effectiveness, economic justice, and the right to information and communication, both in Bangladesh and on a global scale. By building a broader constituency of alternative voices to the ‘mainstream development discourse’ through research and public education, VOICE is taking a stand against unjust and undemocratic practices.

Climate Refugee Campaign Launch

By farjana - Posted on 19 November 2009


A international campaign on Climate Refugee is going to launch during Climate Change negotaition in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, El Salvador have all become members, and it is open to receive more members who are interested and want to be involved.


Title : Launching International Campaign on Climate Refugees' Rights (ICCR)


Type of event : Seminar


Where : Copenhagen, Denmark


When : 01-03 pm, 11 December 2009


If you need further information about the program  please contact with Ahmed Swapan Mahmud (ahmed.swapan@gmail.com)

International Campaign on Climate Refugees’ Rights (ICCR)

By farjana - Posted on 16 November 2009

We call for a new legal framework for climate refugees to realize their social, political, cultural and economic rights.   Many developing countries of the global south are facing serious catastrophe due to climate change. Hundreds and thousands of people from these developing nations have already been displaced and millions more will be displaced if appropriate measures are not taken today. The current rate of climate change is rapidly increasing due to the onslaught of global warming caused by excessive carbon emissions, and more frequent and extreme draught, flooding, cyclones and sea level rise are the life-threatening results.

"Democracy must be promoted and exercised" : European Development Day (22-24 October 2009)

By swapan - Posted on 25 October 2009

Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, Stockholm, 23 October 2009 `Democracy and Development' was marked with a lively debate among the panelists during the second day of the European Development Day. The plenary was held in Victoria Hall of the EU Conference held on 23 October 2009. 15 other events and discussions. Some of 15 other events and discussions were also held which were attended by hundreds of people including Ministers, Government officials, civil societies from around the world. Amr Moussa, Secretary General, League of Arab States, urged that, “Democracy is a system that should be promoted, but the definition of democracy must be broader than simply a ballot box. Democracy promotion requires more than elections, it also requires institutions” . Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia, argued for infrastructure: “If one wants to promote good governance and democracy, one needs a people that are able to access the information that enables them to do that. In many underdeveloped countries, infrastructure is a major constraint to development Putting emphasis on building infrastructure is very important and that in itself will foster the processes of development.”

Writing history's Longest Suicide Note: A guest post from Red Constantino

By farjana - Posted on 23 October 2009

Friday, October 23. 2009
Writing history’s longest suicide note
The UN office in Ratchadamnoen Ave., Bangkok, where the intersessional global climate negotiations was recently held with glacial speed. The UN office in Ratchadamnoen Ave., Bangkok, where the intersessional global climate negotiations was recently held with glacial speed.  Photo by Red Constantino

The morning after.

When the plane finally touched asphalt I could call home.

Kamuning in the heart and also beneath my feet.

Content canine Emil is sleeping on my left, at peace with the slow day in the corner where he fought and defeated the ugly things that once attempted to impose their space in our house.

In front of us, the bougainvillea planted years ago in the street.

The plant is stretching out, with multiple trunks stemming from a single base, thorned stems shooting upwards, towards the sun, merging with the crown of the old chesa.

From above, the woody vine cascades with a different shade of green and shy bracts of magenta flowers, enjoying, on occasion, the company of the deep-yellow fruit of the evergreen tree spelled tiessa or called canistel elsewhere.

A breeze strums the air and momentarily parts the leaves, allowing connection briefly with the sky.

From Bangkok (UN climate talks): Asian Peoples’ Solidarity for Climate Justice

By farjana - Posted on 02 October 2009

The Asian Peoples' Solidarity for Climate Justice was formed to prepare the civil society program in parallel with the United Nations climatetalks, 28 September to 9 October 2009, Bangkok.

On the 29th of September, there was a press conference organized by The Asian peoples's solidarity for climate justice where Farjana Akter from VOICE read out the statement which is below:

We, the Asian Peoples’ Solidarity for Climate Justice,  are gathered here in Bangkok, Thailand to take our stand in the face of an unprecedented conflict.
It is a conflict over resources, a conflict driven by unfettered profiteering and the slavery of consumption, it is a conflict brought about the domination and ascendancy of private interest over public good.

Among the direst consequences of this conflict is global warming and the planetary impacts that are just beginning to unfold as we speak, such as rising seas, mass forced migration due to massive drought and the increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events. The impacts also include rapid economic meltdown and the destruction of jobs and livelihoods, because the environmental ills the world is facing today are inextricably wedded to the global economic and financial system.

VOICE at Media Festival held in Tokyo, Japan

By farjana - Posted on 28 September 2009

Global media activists criticized control over media and proposed alternatives

 A three day Medifes was held in Tokyo Women’s Plaza, Japan from 20-22 September 2009 organized by OurPlanet-TV, a network of media activists based in Tokyo. The conference was attended by a large number of stakeholders from Japan and international civil society organizations.

Tokyo Medifes 2009 is an annual event of alternative media, community media and citizen media held in Japan. Participants of the conference shared and discussed the experience on media and proposed alternatives while media in a global corporate control.

Hajime Shiraishi, the Representative of OurPlanet-TV told the conference to uphold the alternative media and citizen broadcasting realizing the diversity and publicity of wide range of stakeholders to really make media benefit for the people.

Documentary: Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability viewable NOW

By voice - Posted on 13 September 2009

NEW! Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability.

Initiated by VOICE in July 2008, this documentary focuses on the
inherent corruption in the water management systems and the problems of
the water services in the Mymensingh municipality. Not only does it
bring to light the inadequacies of the water system and their effects
on the people, but also the role of the administrative system.

The film also highlights how people struggle to have their needs met
and recognized by policy makers and water service providers, further
encouraging the development of more accountable and transparent
practices. It relates the consumers opinions and suggestions on the
feasibility of overcoming the water sector corruption problems. It also
shows the necessity of public awareness of water sector issues so that
people know their basic rights, as well as promotes the building of an
accountable relationship between water service providers and the

See the complete water sector documentary on Youtube here.

Read more details about our videos on our Audio/Video page.

VOICE is now on Youtube and Facebook!

By voice - Posted on 13 September 2009

Voice now has its very own Youtube page where the videos and documentaries described here are viewable by the general public. We invite you to take a look, and leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

Visit the VOICEBD YOUTUBE Page -->

See our new documentary, Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability (In collaboration with the Water Integrity Network).

See our Reflect Circle Video on Youtube: (part 1) ; (part 2)

See our Perspectives on Aid Video on Youtube:

Read more details about our videos on our Audio/Video page.

VOICE Published a New Report onTransparency And Accountability In Water Supply & Management

By farjana - Posted on 08 August 2009

Despite significant development in Bangladesh's water sector during last decade it has not been possible to  achieve universal access to safe water. Water supply services in many of the cities, towns and smaller municipalities in Bangladesh tend to be detrimentally effected by dysfunctional utility and water departments. Inadequate tariff structures, corruption, poor cost recovery, unaccountability, intermittent services, and deteriorating water quality all represent major barriers to providing citizens with clean drinking water. This evidence suggests that this resource crisis is not simply based in water scarcity, but rather in a lack of good governance. That is to say that today millions suffer for lack of leadership and transparency, not for lack of water resources.

Climate and peoples’ livelihood

By farjana - Posted on 06 August 2009

Despite strong pressure from communities and NGOs, the ADB continues to support destructive carbon-intensive development projects such as coal-fired power stations, large dams and private sector-biased highways, thereby accelerating the adverse impacts of increasing global temperatures. Farjana Akter of VOICE, an active Forum member, talks about the consequences of such reckless programs and direct impact of climate change in Bangladesh.

Most of the rural people of Bangladesh think that the changing climate, as well as the frequent natural disasters, happened by God's hand. These are natural disasters. They also think that because of our sins God gives us these troubles. These simple and vulnerable people are quite far removed from global politics and injustice order. They do not know that they are victims of climate change.