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Conference on "The Changing Face of Global Development Finance"

By voice - Posted on 02 February 2008

Conference on "The Changing Face of Global Development Finance"
Ahmed Swapan writes from Ottawa, Canada, February 2, 2008

A conference on "The Changing Face of Global Development Finance - Impacts and Implications for aid, development, the South and the Bretton Woods Institutions" has been held in Ottawa on February 1 and 2, 2008. The conference was co-organized by the Halifax Initiative and co-hosted by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, The North-South Institute, and The Reality of Aid Network. Civil society organizations from the North and the South attended the two day conference that dealt with a number of sessions concerning the Bretton Woods Institutions.

The conference provided an overview of the current international financial system and its institutions, identified the shifts that are currently taking place, looked into the potential challenges, and examined the alternatives to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The conference also extensively discussed the issues around the new sources of bilateral development funding, the sources and mechanisms for financing development, the opportunities and challenges to outside the aid box, etc. It also discussed the context of the Paris Declaration and Aid Effectiveness-the deeper system and political reforms to reclaim own development and economic policies.

Among many, some of the speakers were: Roy Culpeper from the North South Institute, Febrina Furtado from Rede Brazil, Antonio Tujan from the IBON Foundation and Reality of Aid Network, Roberto Bissio from Social Watch and the Third World Institute, John Foster form the North South Institute, Lucy Hayes from Eurodad, Moly Kane form Inter Pares, Alejandro Bendana from the International South Group Network, Yao Graham from the Third World Network, Lydia Alpfzar Duran, Warapot Manupipatpong from the Asian Development Bank Institute, Christiana Dendys from Results Canada, Rasheed Draman from the Parliamentary Centre, Charles Mutasa from Afrodad, Gisele Morin-Labatut from IDRC, Jorge Marchini from the International Debt Observatory and the Latin American Society for Political Economy, Gerry Barr from CCIC, Robert Fox from Oxfam Canada, and Fraser Reilly-King from the Halifax Initiative.

The conference ended on the project to build up further actions toward Doha and Accra with hope of building greater solidarity among the various stakeholders.