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Economic Justice

VOICE is working actively to combat all forms of economic injustice, from the grassroots to the global policy level. Not just the poor, but many working citizens are subject to economic injustice through imposed economic sector reforms, privatization and wage discrimination.
We are trying to transform knowledge into practice through training dialogues with the different stakeholders in the country.
From underpaid agricultural labourers and garment workers to the privatization of banks and shutting down of jute mills, gross violations of economic justice are happening at every level in Bangladesh. National and international policies are framed in a way that does not reflect the aspirations or needs of both the rural and urban populace.
This campaign also covers issues of national economic governance as well as the global financial architecture. We are working to develop a macro-micro linkage between the community and the policy makers to support democratic participation in policy formation and responsible governance.
We are also working to clarify and analyze the National Budget as part of this campaign. The National Budget is the economic plan of our country and, as such, we believe it should be understood by the people as their sovereign right and prepared based on their needs and demands, not simply those of schooled economists. We are calling for a more just budget plan which involves active participation from the grassroots to the parliamentary level, and which takes into account the geographies and communities of the whole country, as well as an adequate monitoring and analysis system for performance evaluation.

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