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As part of its campaign on Food Sovereignty, VOICE began publishing a quarterly Bangla-language newsletter on food sovereignty and seed issues, entitled Golaghor (“Seed House” in Bangla) – the first of its kind. As the newsletter is intended to be distributed especially among local farmers as well as the general public, the decision to publish in Bangla was an important one. Voice has published 12 issues so far from 2005-2007, each with a print run of 1,000, with the next issue due in June 2008.

The articles are wide-ranging, with an emphasis on local food issues mixed with some international articles translated into Bangla. Topics include local agriculture, global warming and food insecurity, WTO and agriculture negotiations, biodiversity and livelihood, GMO Foods, ELBAG, agriculture budget and investment, the water and food crisis, corporate globalization, IFI issues, climate change, farm issues, trade liberalization and biofuels.

Golaghor is disseminated through different CSO and NGO networks as well as government bodies, workshops and training seminars.

Download our Golaghor Catalogue (in Bangla Only) to see a breakdown of major articles published in each issue so far.

COMING SOON - Golaghor in PDF format!

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