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VOICE would like to set up four centers/ programs: Centre for Globalization Studies, Centre for Human Rights and Governance, Centre for Media, Communication Rights and ICTs, Centre for Research and Policy Advocacy which are identical with activities to achieve the objectives of the specific centers. Activities of these centers are built-in and relatively integrated.

Centre for Globalization Studies

The Centre for Globalization Studies emphasizes the people's right and critically analyzes the globalization process that goes against people’s choice and Empowerment. It aims at promoting public awareness and building consensus for citizen actions among the people-centered organizations to react over the process of monopolization, discrimination, deregulation and power abasement. Its main concern is to act on political economy related to global scenario and governance.

Centre for Governance and Human Rights

The Centre for Human Rights and Governance is to contribute towards making institutions as effective so that they can promote people-centered development with right based approach and facilitate people's access to and control over resources for transparent and accountable governance at all levels. It emphasizes building people's capacity and facilitates relatively active actors of the society. It promotes people's rights, choice and need for further improvement and empowerment with their active and genuine participation.

Centre for Media, Communication Rigts and ICTs

The Centre for Media, Communication Rights and ICTs endeavors to strengthen the capacity of the social action groups and facilitate to enhance the process of transferring information of public concern. It helps the process of capacity building of the actors of the society to bridge up and reduce the information gaps between men and women, between the girls and boys, between the rich and poor and between the urban and rural. It critically analyzes the discrimination and raises critical awareness among the citizen groups about the political economy of information communication technology. It also endeavors to promote people’s access to knowledge and information and also works on promoting freedom of expression. To create an enabling environment for social changes, it facilitates the process of empowering the citizen groups, poor and marginalized groups of the society.

Centre for Popular Culture and Development

The Centre for Popular Culture and Development organizes activities to promote cultural heritage, traditions and knowledge. It endeavors to promote critical faculty of mind in view of history, literature, art and culture emphasizing the people’s indigenous knowledge. It analyzes the happenings of the society, and organizes functions, study circles, discussion, debate among the citizen groups, and act on disseminating knowledge.