Enactment of famine code stressed to deal with monga

By voice - Posted on 09 April 2006

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Staff Correspondent - New Age

Infringement of government’s responsibilities has to be detected with ensuring legal action to make the government accountable for dealing with ‘monga’ situation in the north, speakers said at a roundtable discussion on Saturday.

Discussion: People Demanded to Resist MNCs Control over Seed and Agriculture Sector

By voice - Posted on 20 March 2006

Our agriculture sector is facing a devastating threats due to the extreme agression and control of the multinational corporations particularly over food and seed. Already we have lost many of our species and bio-derversity caused by hybrid and extreme use of fertilizer and pesticides. The monopolization of the companies lead to people struggle that shattered their means of life and livelihood said speakers in a discussion organized by Voice in Rashidpur union parishad auditorium on 20 March 2006.
Obaidul Haq, the chairman of the Rashidpur union parishad presided over the meeting while the key note paper titled `Aggression of Multinational Companies and People’s Struggle for Life and Livelihood’ was presented by Rajib Rana Das, associate coordinator of Voice. He said the bad impacts of hybrid and monopoly of the multinational companies that are captured our agriculture sector and the whole way of life. He also mentioned that the gradual monopolization and dominance of the companies influence the national policies that keeps companies interest and go against farmers’ interest. Emphasizing not to use hybrid, fertilizer and pesticides, the key note paper also

Debate held in Mymensingh: Not in Farmers' Interest: Hybrids serves the Interest of MNCs

By voice - Posted on 19 March 2006

Voice, a research and advocacy organization organized a debate titled `Not for Farmers’ Interest, Hybrid serves the Interest of MNCs’ held in Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam College auditorium, Mymensingh on 19 March 2006. Dr. Marufi Khan, principal of the college moderated the function while she said the importance of the necessity of organizing debate over the issue of seed and agriculture which help the students to raise their critical awareness which also contribute to their academic performance. Dr. Khan also highlights how the agriculture sector is being dependent on the multinational companies and ultimately brings sorrows for the farmers and common people. She said the biodiversity, the environment and livelihood of the farmers are being facing enormous threats due the aggressive role of the multinational companies.


Govt apathy to community radio slated

By voice - Posted on 16 March 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Staff Correspondent - New Age

Speakers at a roundtable on community radio on Wednesday the radio system could play a role in the economic betterment of the people. They criticised the government’s apathy towards permission to the system.
The Mass-line Media Centre, Bangladesh Coastal NGOs Network for Radio and Communications, Young Power in Social Action, Focus and the Voice organised the roundtable in the LGED auditorium.

Community Radio: Government urged to enact law for broadcast

By voice - Posted on 16 March 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Staff Correspondent - Daily Star

Speakers at a roundtable yesterday urged the government to enact law allowing the broadcasting of community radio (CR) in the country.
They said the proposed law should be enacted on the basis of the existing draft.
The roundtable on 'Community Radio' was organised jointly by Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communications (BCNNRC), Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (Voice), Mass-Line Media Centre (MMC), Focus and Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) in association with UNESCO, UNDP and UNICEF at LGED conference room at Agargaon in the city.
Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, executive director of the Voice, presented a keynote paper titled 'The Role of Community Radio is the Central to Development' at the roundtable.

He said CR can help build up participatory practice in the society leading to people's governance.
It can also facilitate people's access and promote their participation in local level decision making-process which ultimately results for participatory governance in the society, he added.
Former chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Syed Margub Morshed said frequency has been allocated for CR and there is no policy barrier against it.

Civil society calls for people’s court against World Bank

By voice - Posted on 08 February 2006

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Tanim Ahmed - New Age

Members of the civil society said the World Bank, along with some other global lending agencies, should be brought to justice for their misdeeds in Bangladesh.
Activists, lawyers and researchers, at a press briefing of the Alliance against World Bank Immunity on Tuesday, said their movement was no more only limited to stopping the government from giving the World Bank legal immunity. They said the lending agency should be brought to trial.

Role of international NGOs at HK meet criticised

By voice - Posted on 30 December 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005


Speakers at a discussion Thursday said that international NGOs refrained from playing positive role to secure Bangladesh’s interests as a least developed country at the World Trade Organisation ministerial conference in Hong Kong.
The observation came at a discussion on ‘Reflections, Critique and Assessment for Future Actions of WTO’. Most of the NGOs which had participated in the Hong Kong meet joined the discussion at Dhaka Reporters Unity auditorium.

Civil society to watch over LDC negotiators at WTO

By voice - Posted on 10 December 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Staff Correspondent - New Age

The LDCs@MC6, a platform of civil society organisations, will keep an eye on negotiators of the least developed countries as well as those from developed and developing countries during the sixth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organisation scheduled in Hong Kong, December 13-18.
The announcement was made at a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Friday.

Seminar against GM food

By voice - Posted on 05 December 2005

Monday, December 5, 2005

Staff Correspondent - New Age

Speakers at a consultation meeting on Sunday urged the government to take initiative to stop endorsing the genetically modified food and seeds that pose threat to human health, environment and farmers.

Statement on the draft The International Financial Organizations (Amendment) Act-2004 to provide immunity

By voice - Posted on 30 November 2005

1. The government of Bangladesh has drafted a law regarding giving Immunity to the World Bank from all legal procedures of the country, which will be presented in the next September session of the Parliament for its approval. The law will be named as The International Financial Organization (Amendment) Act-2004.
2. In order to operate in the partner- countries Word Bank has to follow an Article of Agreement, which has approval from its Board of Directors. As per this article a law in the name of The International Financial Organization (Amendment) Act-1972, is already exists in the country. Under this law, a variety of facilities have been made available for the World Bank. For example, World Bank does not need to pay tax to the countries for it's income and properties, no legal action can be taken against any staff if he or she carries any activities as per
the order of the world bank, no immigration laws can be applied for it's non-local staff.