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VOICE is campaigning actively against a corporate globalization which seeks to promote a free market economy and trade liberalization. Transnational Corporations (TNCs), the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and their allies are putting pressure on developing countries to open their markets to foreign products and capital. They are exerting a dominating influence on the people through unjust and undemocratic practices which negatively affect their lives and livelihoods.
Through small-scale research studies, publication of anti-globalization materials, and meetings with other concerned civil society organizations (CSOs), student groups, NGOs, and media, we are striving to increase critical awareness among the community to take a stand against unjust policy impositions and the neo-liberal hegemony.
This campaign was initiated in 2003 with a view to greater mobilization for raising critical awareness and people's voice against corporate globalization, against policy impositions and conditionalities of IFIs as well as building a new perspective involving civil and political actors of the society.

Campaign against World Bank Immunity :
VOICE as a founding member runs the campaign against WB’s illegal demand for immunity. We condemn the World Bank management that claims to Bangladesh Government to have "Institutional Immunity". Institution like World Bank forces Bangladesh to grace the Bank with complete legal immunity from the destruction and damage the Bank causes to the people.
We strongly demand the government of Bangladesh not to provide immunity, because this will create a bad precedence to other developing countries and it is not only the World Bank or other IFIs, but also the multinational and transnational companies will try to force government for such illegal immunity. We request you to express solidarity to the people of Bangladesh against the injustice committed by the IFI's and WB’s illegal demand of immunity.

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