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1. Resist Corporate Control over Seed and Food :

Food sovereignty, ecological agriculture and biodiversity are the major components on which the citizen groups, women, and men, adolescents, farmers, citizen groups, activists are made critically aware. We raise the issue of how the corporate agencies take control over seed and agriculture and violate human rights particularly farmers’ rights introducing hybrid and genetically modified organisms, while drawing interactions through seminars, dialogues, study circles, discussion meetings, media briefing and analyzing policies that lead to privatization and affects people’s way of life and livelihood.

2. Research and advocacy :

We mainly focus on the public service sector like health and education, food and agriculture, and also global policy frameworks such as the roles of IFIs, WTO and TNCs, media, communication rights and ICTs etc. We review and analyze policy papers and design campaigns to make them people-centred and more development friendly. The advocacy campaigns are designed and implemented based on review and research findings. We generates policy briefs, research papers, booklet, manual, poster, leaflets, etc. as a part of advocacy materials to generate awareness for building constituencies.

3. Building capacity :

We provide different skill-based training especially on advocacy, governance through participatory approach and prepare sets of participatory methodology for project planning, strategic planning and evaluation etc,. We empower communities through building capacity and generating knowledge for a just society.

4. Networking and coordination :

We work at the local, national and international levels drawing micro-macro interactions and linkages that help establish a relation between people’s struggle and international movements. We also maintains continuous and effective relations with different national and international agencies with whom we work together as a member or fellow organization to achieve common goals and objectives.