List of Accomplished and Current Projects by VOICE

Freedom of Expression

Defending and Strengthening Freedom of Expression on the Internet in Bangladesh, funded by Global Partners Associate/ Foreign and Commonwealth Organization (FCO)

Strengthening and Monitoring the Scenario of Freedom of Expression for Promoting Human Rights in Bangladesh, funded by UNDP Bangladesh

Assessment of Freedom of Expression Online in Bangladesh: Analyzing Regulatory Framework and Advocacy for Strengthening Online Expression, funded by APC/ SIDA

Covid-19 and Communications Crisis in Bangladesh: A Rapid Response and Campaign Project, funded by APC

Online Safety, Privacy and Data Protection

Ensuring online safety and responsible use of internet among netizens through research and campaign, funded by APC

Talking data to the fourth pillar: A collaborative effort at democratizing the data protection discourse in India and Bangladesh by building the capacities of media professionals, funded by APC


Internet Censorship, Surveillance and Information Control Mechanism: A Review of the Bangladesh Context, funded by Open Net Initiative (ONI)/ IDRC

Surveillance and Freedom: Global Understandings and Rights Development (SAFEGUARD), funded by Privacy International/ IDRC

Access to Information

Access to Information and Protecting People’s Right to Privacy, funded by Privacy International/ IDRC

Internet Freedom

Greater Internet Freedom (GIF) project, funded by Internews/ USAID

OPTIMA, funded by Internews/ USAID

Development Aid

Beyond 2015 Asia: Policy to Action Media Challenge, funded by Beyond 2015 Network/SIDA

Civic Space

Civic Engagement to Create Enabling Environment and Protect Civic Space in Bangladesh during Covid-19, funded by International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)/ USAID

Misinformation and Counter Hate Speech

Misinformation and Communications Crisis during Covid-19 in Bangladesh, funded by APC/ European Commission

Capacity Building Program on Counter Hate Speech and Infodemic of Misinformation, funded by APC

Environment Justice

Strengthening Circular approaches for Environmental Sustainability, funded by APC

Research and Advocacy on the implementation of the e-waste management act for environmental sustainability, funded by APC

Strengthening environmental sustainability through safer e-waste management technologies, funded by APC

Violence Against Women

Promote and Protect Women rights through advocacy and generating research-based evidence on violence against women during COVID-19, funded by APC

Campaign for action against online gender-based violence in Bangladesh, funded by APC/ SIDA

Public Health

Capacity building on responsible communication of media on Zoonotic Viral Spillover in Bangladesh, funded by Internews/ EJN/ USAID

Initiative for Tactical Engagement and Robust Actions for Controlling Tobacco (INTERACT), funded by CTFK

Conducting survey at restaurants to explore tobacco company’s tactics to establish designated smoking Areas (DSAs) to allure youths for smoking, funded by CTFK